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Mar 31, 2018

We're finally free! After a technical delay we finally can preview the new Drukhari codex! We briefly discuss our playtesting of the codex, go through a "rip the band aid off" segment to say farewell to a couple of beloved units/parts of the codex that we aren't hot on, go over an overview of how the army is different, Obsessions, and the context of points changes!

This codex is massive and will take a while to get through. Rather than try to "outscoop" other shows with information we will be approaching the codex sub-faction by sub-faction before we even break into tactics. There is a ton of changes to digest, we hope to help you through the process while you help us find new tips and tricks that we missed. Dark Eldar fans are in for great times ahead and we couldn't be more excited for the community.