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Jul 13, 2017


  We are very excited to present our interview with Black Library author Gav Thorpe discussing his latest book Jain Zar! Join Alex, Thor, and Brian as we talk briefly about our first awkward stumblings and initial 8th edition impressions in the first segment before getting into our interview.  We discuss Aeldari lore with Gav Thorpe, the nature of the Phoenix Lords, as well as discuss his time with Games Workshop as a codex writer in the second second segment. We wrap up the interview  in the third segment with our discussion of Thorpe's latest work Jain Zar.

Please visit and subscribe to Gav's blog:

And definitely buy Jain Zar if you have not already!

A huge thanks to Gavin Thorpe and listener Robert Lamborn for helping this interview to happen. We do apologize for the release date delay due to some technical issues with the recording. There are some odd audio spikes and sync problems in the first segment that were unavoidable. Thank you all for understanding.

Time stamps:

8th edition discussion: 0:00-55:30

Gavin Thorpe Interview Part 1: 56:00-1:49:00

Gavin Thorpe Interview Part 2 Jain Zar discussion: 1:49:00- 2:55:00