Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast

  We are joined by Alex (Cavalier AVA) and Paulie (Sky Serpent) for our continuing discussion of Dark Eldar in 40K through the ages. We discuss the 5th Edition reboot and current codex. This episode also features an interview with Golden Daemon winner Ryan Herbranson on to discuss a promotion on his Twitch painting channel as well as an interview with multiple Golden Daemon, Slayer Sword, P3 Grandmaster, and Crystal Brush winner Thom Ales. This episode weighs in at nearly three hours and features lots of references to editing that will never happen!

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It's the one year anniversary episode! This is part one of our review of Dark Eldar as an army starting with the introduction in 3rd edition. As well as a spirited debate about whether or not Gary Morley was a total hack sculptor, we cover the origins of Dark Eldar in 40K fluff, the good/bad/and ugly of the original models, as well as a discussion reminiscing the good days when Dark Eldar played like Dark Eldar on the table. (GET OFF MY LAWN kids!) We interview Archon Claus from Thedarkcity.net about the upcoming Space Raid forum gift exchange and Khain mor of Dark Moon Kabal fame. Our iTunes review promotion is also announced, so get those reviews in and win great prizes from Fallouthobbies.com!

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  We are joined by listener Jack Gerlicher for our guide to playing Dark Eldar for beginners in Brian's first episode back from paternity leave....and the rust shows as he carves all the intros a new one. This episode also features an interview with listener Greg Lewis from the Overlords gaming group in London as we discuss the perils of overseas Revenant shipping. Enjoy!

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Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast - Episode 15

Thor is left bereft of co-hosts, but thankfully is still joined by Squidmaster and Darkgreen Pirate, two 1st place prize winners of the Fiction competition on TheDarkCity.net as they discuss the Dark Eldar and how they are portrayed in Warhammer 40k fluff. The good and the bad are mentioned as well as some advice on writing the True Kin.


I also apologize (with shame) for my constant mispronunciation of 'coven' but...well, American Movie is one of my favorite films and it messes with your head after enough viewings.


Torturer's Tale - the quinessential Dark Eldar story, as penned by Gav Thorpe and preserved on TheDarkCity.net

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Thor and Cavalier take over the show as Brian is pulled away by real life Trueborn. The Dark Angels codex is reviewed as we discuss what it means for the Dark Eldar. Then we turn our conversation to an overall consideration of the DE codex in the meta of Warhammer 40k at the moment.


Plus - the first of our doner interviews as we try to shake a train story.

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Splintermind The Dark Eldar Podcast Splinter Raid: 2015 Bay Area Open


 Splintermind the Dark Eldar Podcast's Splinter Raid coverage of the 2015 Bay Area Open. Join host Brian as he interviews players, forum members, and the tournament organizers and staff in our first live event coverage episode.

Make sure and leave comments at Thedarkcity.net and like us on our Facebook page. Happy raiding!

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500 points of free transports in 1,500pts games? Grav weaponry everywhere? What's an Archon to do? We dive into the new Space Marine codex and offer strategies, advice, tactics, and downright emotional support for Dark Eldar players facing the new hotness from GW. Updates and a big thanks for our listeners that so generously donated to the fundraising drive are given props for making the even better! We are joined by Alex, aka Cavalier AVA in the last episode before Brian takes his two month baby break.

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Splintermind: The Dark Elder Podcast - Episode 12

Joined by a pair of wonderful guests, we explore the issue of 'new Trueborn' on a raid. Yes, this is the baby episode! Prepare to hear advice, thoughts, and reflections on how having a newborn can affect your hobby practice,a nd even get some exciting pointers on such things as 'painting with baby' and 'protecting your spikey bits'. Thor also manages to put himself in the doghouse, and we discuss the awesome progress of the fundraising efforts!

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Splintermind: The Dark Elder Podcast - Episode 11: Cavorting with our Craftworld Cousins

We discuss the new Eldar codex, and also pander for money!

We are joined by our first repeat guest Alex (Cavalier) to discuss the new Craftworld Eldar codex and what it means for the Dark Eldar and the game. Can we convince the collective 40K community to not eat a bullet? Listen and find out!

As mentioned in the episode we are trying to raise a little bit of money to cover the cost of the show. Donations can be made to our Paypal account (Splintermindpodcast@Gmail.com) Any amount is greatly appreciated, and we'd like to show our appreciation by offering the following incentives!

$10: You get a mention on air with an optional shout out for your local gaming group/talking trash to one of your buddies/whatever. 60 characters or less

$20: The Thor Stepping on Your Dreams Package. Send us an army list and we'll do an army list critique for you on an episode!

$50: We'll have you on the show for a 15 minute segment, topic of your choice (must be DE/40K related, family friendly)

$75 We'll have you on the show for a 30 minute segment, topic of your choice (must be DE/40K related, family friendly)

$100: Brian will paint a single infantry or monstrous creature of your choice. You ship the model assembled with pictures of your existing army and a list of what paints you use, Brian paints it and ships it back to you in the US, or he will split the cost to ship it overseas.

And for $2 Thor will paint one of your models. Badly. You ship the model to him, he defiles it with cheap paint.

The incentives are there to make it fun and are pretty pie-in-the-sky optimistic, any donation is greatly appreciated and will help to pay the bills for the show!

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We are joined by Justin Keefer from The Independent Characters podcast as we discuss playing Dark Eldar using the Highlander format. Units that normally do not see the table and the "Wyche Tax" are discussed, Thor restates his loathing for Mandrakes, and a bonus Highlander battle report of Brian's newly painted Eldar versus Justin's Dark Eldar is featured.

Hint: the pointy-eared army wins!

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