Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast
Splintermind: The Dark Elder Podcast - Episode 11: Cavorting with our Craftworld Cousins

We discuss the new Eldar codex, and also pander for money!

We are joined by our first repeat guest Alex (Cavalier) to discuss the new Craftworld Eldar codex and what it means for the Dark Eldar and the game. Can we convince the collective 40K community to not eat a bullet? Listen and find out!

As mentioned in the episode we are trying to raise a little bit of money to cover the cost of the show. Donations can be made to our Paypal account (Splintermindpodcast@Gmail.com) Any amount is greatly appreciated, and we'd like to show our appreciation by offering the following incentives!

$10: You get a mention on air with an optional shout out for your local gaming group/talking trash to one of your buddies/whatever. 60 characters or less

$20: The Thor Stepping on Your Dreams Package. Send us an army list and we'll do an army list critique for you on an episode!

$50: We'll have you on the show for a 15 minute segment, topic of your choice (must be DE/40K related, family friendly)

$75 We'll have you on the show for a 30 minute segment, topic of your choice (must be DE/40K related, family friendly)

$100: Brian will paint a single infantry or monstrous creature of your choice. You ship the model assembled with pictures of your existing army and a list of what paints you use, Brian paints it and ships it back to you in the US, or he will split the cost to ship it overseas.

And for $2 Thor will paint one of your models. Badly. You ship the model to him, he defiles it with cheap paint.

The incentives are there to make it fun and are pretty pie-in-the-sky optimistic, any donation is greatly appreciated and will help to pay the bills for the show!

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