Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast

500 points of free transports in 1,500pts games? Grav weaponry everywhere? What's an Archon to do? We dive into the new Space Marine codex and offer strategies, advice, tactics, and downright emotional support for Dark Eldar players facing the new hotness from GW. Updates and a big thanks for our listeners that so generously donated to the fundraising drive are given props for making the even better! We are joined by Alex, aka Cavalier AVA in the last episode before Brian takes his two month baby break.

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Splintermind: The Dark Elder Podcast - Episode 12

Joined by a pair of wonderful guests, we explore the issue of 'new Trueborn' on a raid. Yes, this is the baby episode! Prepare to hear advice, thoughts, and reflections on how having a newborn can affect your hobby practice,a nd even get some exciting pointers on such things as 'painting with baby' and 'protecting your spikey bits'. Thor also manages to put himself in the doghouse, and we discuss the awesome progress of the fundraising efforts!

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