Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast

Join us for the second half of Episode 32 where we discuss our playtesting of the Ynnari Warhost as well as a conversation between Alex and Brian discussing things we can do to stay active in 40K while we all play the Wait and See Game as 8th Edition looms large. The first interview was retrieved audio from a technical glitch. (ala Super Guppy!)

As a note: we referenced an interview with Doug Johnson from Tablewar (TABLEWAR!) that was irretrievable due to a technical error/file glitch on Brian's end. (Seeing a theme here...) We are attempting to reschedule with Doug and hope to re-record that interview to help you with tip for photographing your painted minis!

Thor, Alex, and Brian talk Gathering Storm 3, 8th Edition rumors, and finally get to the Optimistic Archon: Incubi segment. The last third segment of this episode is on the torture operating table and in need of serious editing help and will be released mid-month along with an interview with Doug Johnson of Tablewar fame talking about ways to improve your pics of your minis and Adepticon!

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