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Thor, Alex, and Brian talk Gathering Storm 3, 8th Edition rumors, and finally get to the Optimistic Archon: Incubi segment. The last third segment of this episode is on the torture operating table and in need of serious editing help and will be released mid-month along with an interview with Doug Johnson of Tablewar fame talking about ways to improve your pics of your minis and Adepticon!

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Our coverage of The Gathering Storm continues this month with the Fracture of Biel-Tan! Thor, Alex, and Brian discuss the background on birth of the Yncarne, the shear bad-assery of the Visarch, and the Yvraine (not Lady Malys for whatever reason) backstory. Brian and Alex talk hobby ideas for armies the Ynnari Warhost and the upcoming Splintermind hobby hangout in the second segment, and all three of us discuss our initial impressions of the Ynnari detachment while Brian channels his inner Robin Williams to heal the hurt.


 If you would like to join Brian and Alex for our March 5th hobby hangout at 10:00AM EST send an email from a Gmail account and your name to Splintermindpodcast@gmail.com to sign up!


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We're back...now 50% better! We cover the Gathering Storm Part 1: Fall of Cadia. We talk fluff, GW's new direction with campaign releases, formations that make sense, and debate exactly how swanky Trayzn's voice sounds. Also covered is the confessional moment as Brian admits how bad of a Reaver problem he has resulting from the Gangs of Commorragh. #KeepingupwiththeKeffers


*Note: An apology for Brian's super janky audio. Aside from recovering from a cold, his laptop reset to the default internal mic instead of his fancy mic.


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The FAQ is here! Thor and Brian review the now official 40K FAQ, Brian inappropriately promotes his commission painting service, and we feature the inaugural Optimistic Archon segment: Mandrakes!


 As always, we can be reached at Splintermindpodcast@gmail.com

Check out Brian's VERY WIP commission page at Evilspaceelves.blogspot.com


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It's the two year anniversary episode! Thor is back as we are joined by our favorite returning third chair Alex to talk recent changes by GW, supplements, and recap that questionable piece of fluff from the Death Masque box. We are also joined by Lawrence from Tabletop Tactics for a special interview where he talks about the list and tactics used to win his third No Retreat championship in a row!

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 After month+ delay caused by real life and exploding laptops, we're back! (Okay....Brian is back while Thor's work is killing him) With Thor out Brian lets his hobby and real life ADHD take Splintermind back to the good ol' days of the Horus Heresy as he talks 30K gaming with Bill from the Bay Area Horus Heresy Gamers Facebook group. Returning guest Andrew (Woozl from TDC) joins us to help out with a listener request for an True Kin escalation league list. With Brian flying solo on a brand new laptop and without old pre-edited bumper tracks there's a bit of dodgy audio and little bit of salty language, but a fun time nonetheless.

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Join hosts Thor and Brian as we talk Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus with with a regular opponent of Thor's. This episode also features interviews with Michael Basc from Worlds End Radio and Objective Secured, Nick Thrower(AKA The Burning Eye  on Thedarkcity.net) as he discusses his Hero for a Day charity tournament, and a very special public service announcement from Gav Thorpe!

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Join us as we talk Dark Eldar in narrative campaigns. We are joined by Faultline Gaming co-founder and Alien Skies all-Xenos campaign architect Zach Pfiefer to talk reviving your gaming scene with clubs and designing custom missions and games days. Joining us later are two returning guests and fellow Faultline Silicon Valley battle brothers Andrew Whitehead and Justin Keefer as we share our experiences in the Alien Skies campaign and talk more about hobby and narrative gaming using Dark Eldar and Corsairs. A baby and a Border Collie may or may not ruin the professional quality of an outdoor recording at some point....

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We are joined by very special guests Skari from the SkaredCast YouTube channel and Lawrence Baker from Tabletop Tactics to talk Dark Eldar tactics! With all of the doom and gloom over passengers of jinking transports having to snapfire and other silliness we thought it was time to bring on a couple of heavy hitters that have been winning consistently with Dark Eldar in today's crazy meta. This is our best tactics episode to date!

Please visit the SkaredCast channel on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/SkaredCast and Tabletop Tactics https://www.youtube.com/user/tabletoptactics

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We are joined by the ITC's top-ranked Imperial Knights player and co-host of The Dice Decide podcast Chris Jones! Now that the Renegade box game is out we're about to see a ton of Imperial Knights on the table. Chris takes inside the cockpit of Imperial Knights and gives us tips and strategies to deal with these beasts!

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