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Apr 13, 2018

It's here! Part two of our Codex coverage continues on with our review of the Kabal and Blades for hire units.

Mar 31, 2018

We're finally free! After a technical delay we finally can preview the new Drukhari codex! We briefly discuss our playtesting of the codex, go through a "rip the band aid off" segment to say farewell to a couple of beloved units/parts of the codex that we aren't hot on, go over an overview of how the army is...

Mar 28, 2018

This is our final episode before we begin our codex reviews. Brian, Thor, and Alex bring a host of non-NDA breaking topics to discuss as we wait for the preorder of the codex to go live.

Feb 21, 2018

Alex, Brian, and Proxy Thor discuss GW's recent announcement of the Drukhari codex, we are joined by Adam and Jason from Masters of the Forge in a discussion of fitting Dark Eldar into narrative campaigns, and are joined by Gav Thorpe to discuss Ghost Warrior: Rise of the Ynnari.

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Jan 4, 2018

Our 8th Edition Ynnari episode! Join us as Brian and Alex get way too excited talking hobby and painting tips for the Ynnari, Thor and Alex talk tactics, and we help listener Derek with list building help.